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When we say QUANTUM travel...we mean it!

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Quantum Kelly

Explorers club, consciousness explorers, time travel, dimensional travel, planetary and space travel

Quantum Astral travel guide. Co-originator of the Quantum Travel Modality (QTM). Founder of Quantum Travel Guides organization. President of the Quantum Explorers Club, where new techniques and modalities are constantly manifested by a crack team of consciousness explorers.



 I will help you plan and facilitate your Quantum Travel experience or book a Quantum  Healing Session.

What would you pay to experience your favorite concert or sit on the top of Machu Pic

Where would you go?



Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner. He is a high vibrational being with the ability to journey with his spacecraft called BELLALITE while in a trance state. 

Travel and healing services

Quantum Travel Service


No Passports are required for these Quantum Journeys.  All you need is good internet, electronic device with a camera and a comfortable place to relax and enjoy!

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We will announce our weekly travel tours below and past event can be viewed on our Facebook page: Time Travel and Exploration

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Real Testimonials

Quantum time travel ,quantum Soul healing, astral travel, past life regression. Explore history.

Please look below as we continue to download testimonials from our Quantum healing and QTM Sessions.

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Information from Patrick's Guide that made all this possible.   Meet "Babakwaa"


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Watch the latest Quantum Healing sessions and and see what messages might relate to you! Visit: The WooWoo Channel on Youtube

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Quantum time travel ,quantum Soul healing, astral travel, past life regression. Explore history.

We expect to receive many questions as this modality of Quantum Travel is relatively new.  We will do our best to answer all your questions. Please look below. In FAQ section.

Quantum travel prices

Disclaimer: Not all clients will be able to reach the trance state required to have the full experience.

Soul Healing Fund


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This money will be donates to clients that require a Quantum Healing session but do not have the mean to pay for it.  We will not turn any person away that needs help. Many of the Practitioners work for free but they have families to look after too.

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Soul retrieval & past life healing, Auric surgery, reading, clearing, Chakra Rejuvenation, Light Language, Ancestral Healing

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Learn how to leverage the internet

Become a online business owner. Free workshop twice a week at 7:00pm MST

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Approved IPHM Holistic practitioners

Reiki masters, Tarot readers, Golden Angelic Healing teacher, Crystal Healing,  Celtic Lunar Horoscopes, Angelic Medium......

Earth Energies services & Book a session

soul whisperer and multidimensional healer


 I connect with Angels, Celestial beings, galactic helpers and use bespoke healing meditation that is channeled for each client. 

Mandeja heavenly readings

Crystal Healing Bracelets


 All Crystal Current accessories combine science with spiritual beliefs to create personalized one-of-a-kind, beautifully handcrafted energy jewelry.  Discount code: QTG's

Crystal Current.com

Ascension tools and EMF protection (orgone)


Founder of Team Light a group of Cosmic Creators here to assist in the Evolution of Humanity & our Planet 


Quantum Travel guides


Our Mission

To bring enlightenment and reveal the true history of Earth. Provide Heart based healing and entertainment for the Soul.


Our Goals

To bring joy and healing to as any souls as possible with Love, Light and Laughter. 


Our Values

Our team will take the time to get to know and understand your needs.  They will maintain your privacy and work with integrity and graciousness.  We judge no one!        

Waiver and disclaimer

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Quantum Travel Guides FAQ (docx)